Which Transportation Service is for You?

  1. RNC Pro
    • Aging-in-place Seniors who can benefit from companion care at every step of their trip
    • Medical patients who need transportation home, and to post-discharge follow-up care
    • Hospitals + Senior care facilities
  2. RNC Basic with
    • Seniors without a smartphone
    • Rideshare passengers who need the security of scheduled service
    • Family members who want confirmation of a loved one's well being during and after transport

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Our RNCPros meet you to provide door-through-door transportation & companionship on demand


Non-Emergency Medical Transport & other specialty services available too


You and Your Family Can Rest Easy Knowing Your Freedom, Safety & Security are Our Priorities

We believe the health + wellness industry needs Ride N Care's transportation marketplace to gain access to safe, reliable and cost-effective transportation options. Whether its basic curb-to-curb rideshare service, fully-assisted door-through-door transportation, or even private ambulance service, Ride N Care's marketplace makes the right connection every time.